Camping Trips

Wheeler Gorge (Luigi’s Lament)

In August of 2019 we camped at Wheeler Gorge in the Los Padres National Forest. FUN FACT: To get there, you drive through Johnny Cash’s hometown.

Wheeler Gorge has a creek running through the campground, and the campground is really large but it’s bushy enough to feel secluded. We had poor luck and ended up next to some rowdy neighbours this time.

Our campsite had a huge tree hanging over for hammock napping. I read The Sun is a Compass on this trip, a book about a woman and her husband doing a human-powered, grueling arctic survival trip. It was pretty incredible.

A creekside campsite is a great spot to be a dog

Luigi enjoyed playing in the creek, but ended up stepping on a bee! It was his first beesting, so he was under close watch. After some general upset, all he needed for a treatment plan was to keep being spoiled and enjoying camping.

The weather on this trip was great. Wheeler Gorge is one of the few spots we camped this year that isn’t at a high altitude, so the night stayed warm for s’mores and stargazing!

One of the ultimate highlights of this campground was the camp host’s golden retriever, Murphy the Wonder Dog.

So peaceful. Can’t wait to go back to this spot!