Hiking Trails

Santa Ynez Canyon

Out by Malibu in Topanga State Park, Santa Ynez Canyon is an easy hike on a clear trail that leads to a waterfall if you’re willing to brave the rocky scramble at the end.

This is me not braving the scramble. There were bees coming in and out of the waterfall area, and they just make me too nervous to scramble for a waterfall!!

This hike is great. Meadow-y forest trail vibes that meet up with a creek and then the hike turns into a big stone canyon climb. There are a couple of places you’ll be clambering more than on a chill stroll, so don’t do this hike if you want to look cute the whole way.

We did this hike in July, and it was great timing. The canyon was lush with Humboldt’s Lily and swallowtail butterflies.

This friend took a snack break and let me get close for a photo.

Once the creek gets into the canyon, everything feels so secluded. The water moves, but it’s nice and clear for watching wild critters swim around. There were a ton of nymphs in the water on this trip!

Unfortunately just as we headed back, about 1/3 of the way to the trailhead I sprained my ankle pretty good. I was glad for the clear trail while I hobbled my way back!