My Background

Salted Stone: Account Manager
CURRENT ROLE since Oct 2017

At Salted Stone, Account Managers serve as the conduit for information between marketing clients and internal production teams, ensuring work is completed to agency and client standards before delivery. More than that, though, account management is a mix of project planning, negotiation, education, and strategic thinking – putting the right ideas forward at the right time.

Salted Stone is a hubspot partner and full service marketing agency, serving B2B & B2C clients around the world. I work with a global team to coordinate work and make great marketing decisions.



  • Project Scheduling
  • Sprint task management
  • Technology evaluation
  • Product development
  • Marketing operations
  • Strategic planning

Client Industries

  • Education
  • Software
  • Cybersecurity
  • Learning & Development
  • Technology
  • Consumer Goods

Project Types

  • Strategic Marketing Programs
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Website Design & Development
  • Landing Page Campaigns
  • Marketing Performance Audits
Client Story: Busy Educational Publisher

An education publisher wanted to modernize its marketing operations with HubSpot implementation, training, and a full marketing audit. I managed the client relationship, building trust through intensive audits, sales-marketing alignment, and a close consultative relationship with leadership. My ability to provide marketing and HubSpot support on-the-fly was a key factor in maintaining this account.

Client Story: Modernizing a Legacy Brand

A learning & development enterprise with a popular and recognized pedigree among HR and Talent professionals wanted us to clean the dust from their dated branding, update their website, and challenge their conception of their product and marketing. I worked closely with Strategy to talk the client through big changes to their branding and language, managing multiple client stakeholders and encouraging team buy-in.

Client Story: Centerpiece Video on a Deadline

A B2B / B2C product company was expanding into a new international market, and wanted a showpiece video that demonstrated their unique and useful webcam technology. The video had to present the product’s key value, and take the place of a 1-hour live demo in just 3 minutes. I worked closely with my team to turn around a brand update, website redesign, and promotional video (from concept to shooting day to final cut) in less than 8 weeks.

Agency Story: Improving Reporting Efficiency

Agency Story: Improving Reporting Efficiency

As an agency, Salted Stone doubled in size in the course of about 16 months. As a result, the account management team had to keep up with reporting and project budget tracking in order to protect agency margin. I worked with the Account Management team and Director of Client Services to improve our use of Teamwork project management software in order to reduce manual reporting time.

ATAK Interactive: Director of Search Marketing
Jun 2015 - Oct 2017

At ATAK, I helped develop our business by leading the development of our Search Engine Optimization campaigns through research, testing, and implementing best practices. This is done on client sites as one-time optimizations, or as ongoing traffic and search analytics, using this to guide strategic content development and future marketing campaigns.

Projects included anything from a brand concept and web design and development from scratch, to heading the Google AdWords campaign for a quick experiment by a multinational corporation looking to enter a new market, to month-to-month business development through an hourly retainer budget.

Client Industries

  • Business Software
  • Independent Film
  • Retail
  • Consumer Goods
  • Legal
  • Technology


  • SEO Audits
  • Website Optimization
  • Budgeting & Upselling
  • Website Maintenance
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic asset design

Project Types

  • Strategic Marketing Programs
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO Backlinking Programs
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Campaigns
  • Marketing Performance Audits
Client Story: HR Software Firm

An HR management software firm with powerful features but an outdated brand image needed assistance earning near marketing leads. As account manager, I wrote and presented a campaign concept, and worked with copywriting vendors to develop the client’s first gated content piece, designing and developing a landing page, and implementing marketing automation for content delivery.

KAYAK Online Marketing: Social Media Marketer
Feb 2013 - Oct 2014

(no, not that KAYAK – we got that a lot!)

Managing social media and search engine optimization for clients in a variety of industries, mainly business to business. Implementing inbound marketing activities to improve prospects and leads through blog editing, social publishing, keywording and copywriting. This work generally done in WordPress and HubSpot.
At Kayak, we placed a heavy influence on SEO and conversions, basing many of our online marketing activity on how to influence these two factors for clients’ businesses. As a five person company, working at Kayak also meant direct involvement in the direction of the company and decisionmaking for all clients. Every role held decisionmaking responsibility as well as client-facing activity and client training.

Client Industries

  • Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Finance
  • Employee Recognition
  • Technology
  • Consumer Goods


  • Website Migrations
  • Content Updates
  • SEO Optimization
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Copywriting

Project Types

  • WordPress to Hubspot migration
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign Development
  • Content Marketing Campaigns
  • WordPress Website Design
  • Hubspot Website Design
Business Administration & Marketing
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, 2013

Focus on business fundamentals and marketing, from basic marketing mix to integrated communications and more. As a technical school, we were able to implement projects for the Calgary Shriners and involve Big Rock Brewery in our coursework.

Early Learning & Child Care
Mt Royal University, 2011

Courses and practitum on the development and education of children from ages 0-5. Mount Royal’s Early Learning & Child Care program was also foundationally focused on the importance of learning through play for all individuals through the entire lifespan.