Grand Canyon North Rim

The drive to the north rim of the Grand Canyon wasn’t what we expected. Because we had the gift of not knowing what the North Rim was like, we kept expecting the forest to give way to red rock and desert…. but that never happened. We never emerged from the woods, because they continue into the north side of the canyon!

We wandered around admiring the view, checking out the trail options, and hollering about having made it to the Grand Canyon. The only thing better than going to the Grand Canyon with your best friend is getting there and being astounded together that it looks nothing like you expected it to!

We hiked to the coconino overlook. A note on hiking to the coconino overlook: There’s one trail down the grand canyon and you’re on it with everyone else hiking it, and also every horse and mule hiking it. There were a lot of smells which I am currently able to remember, that I wish I could forget.

The hike was hot and sunny and beautiful. The trail goes down the side of the canyon, and constantly opens you up to new and expansive views of the dang thing.

We got to the coconino overlook and we were done. We had trekked down just 1 geologic layer and that was enough for us.

We headed back to Jacob Lake, our perfect little camp spot just an hour from the canyon, where we ate smores until we crashed out. It was wonderful.

When we woke up the next morning it was time to head back home, but I had an idea about taking the long way.