Grand Canyon North Rim

The drive to the north rim of the Grand Canyon wasn’t what we expected. Because we had the gift of not knowing what the North Rim was like, we kept expecting the forest to give way to red rock and desert…. but that never happened. We never emerged from the woods, because they continue into […]

LA – Utah – North Rim: Days 1 & 2

For my birthday in 2019, I put together a road trip to the Grand Canyon with my best friend, Liz. Neither of us had seen it, and this was a perfect opportunity to spend some time together and do some amazing things. I love to make a plan, and Liz loves to be planned for. […]

Wheeler Gorge (Luigi’s Lament)

In August of 2019 we camped at Wheeler Gorge in the Los Padres National Forest. FUN FACT: To get there, you drive through Johnny Cash’s hometown. Wheeler Gorge has a creek running through the campground, and the campground is really large but it’s bushy enough to feel secluded. We had poor luck and ended up […]

Santa Ynez Canyon

Out by Malibu in Topanga State Park, Santa Ynez Canyon is an easy hike on a clear trail that leads to a waterfall if you’re willing to brave the rocky scramble at the end. This hike is great. Meadow-y forest trail vibes that meet up with a creek and then the hike turns into a […]

Bee Rock

If you’ve visited the Old Zoo in Griffith Park (if you haven’t, you should!), there’s a sharp, fenced-in peak that’s juuust visible from the clearing. Good news! You can get there from here. Bee Rock Trail on AllTrails It’s easy to see Griffith Park every day and forget it’s there, but it really is a […]

Barton Flats

Barton Flats is a campground in San Bernardino National Forest. It’s big but cozy, high altitude forest. At 6,360 feet, it’s not as high as Table Mountain, but they’re both up there. This was our first camping trip together, and I learned on this one that my husband had grown up duck hunting, but his […]

Table Mountain

May 31- Jun 2 2019 On the north end of the Angeles National Forest, Table Mountain Campground is large, roomy, and open. It’s got high mountain forests, and we really enjoyed our time here. Unfortunately, bad luck hit us on this trip – Tom came down with a cold the night we rolled in, so […]