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Bee Rock

If you’ve visited the Old Zoo in Griffith Park (if you haven’t, you should!), there’s a sharp, fenced-in peak that’s juuust visible from the clearing. Good news! You can get there from here.

Bee Rock Trail on AllTrails

Bee rock from a concrete platform at the Old Zoo

It’s easy to see Griffith Park every day and forget it’s there, but it really is a gem. It’s a huge public park, and there’s a lot of it to explore. It’s home to P-22, our very own mountain lion!

Most of the trail to Bee Rock is like this, wide and clear and really pretty. Getting to the peak is a bit of a scramble, though. Watch you have enough light and time to get through the switchy, skinny trails.

Getting to the top is so satisfying.

The top is dramatic and jagged and steep. I was pretty grateful for the fence, because it is a drop off that side for sure.

It’s a killer view of Glendale and Burbank back to the valley.