Camping Trips

Barton Flats

Barton Flats is a campground in San Bernardino National Forest. It’s big but cozy, high altitude forest. At 6,360 feet, it’s not as high as Table Mountain, but they’re both up there.

This was our first camping trip together, and I learned on this one that my husband had grown up duck hunting, but his family never went camping! I was pretty excited to take him out.

We camped on this site in late April and fam, it was TOO EARLY. We had below-freezing temps at night and we did this trip before we understood why you should bring adequate sleeping pads with you!! And so we froze our buns off.

The campground was great. We had water and toilets, tons of space, and since it was godawful cold, we didn’t have many rowdy neighbours!

The sunrise that morning was stunning. This is still one of my favourite camping photos.

We booked our site for 2 nights, but left after 1 – it was just too cold, and we didn’t want Luigi to spend another night in a too-cold tent. We were all pretty glad we spent the next night snuggled in our bed at home.

There was a small lake nearby that was still closed for the off-season. If we go back in 2020, we want to time it so we can check out the lake.